The protection question.
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New 13.3 inch unibody MacBook. How can I protect its case from scratches, but at the same time preserve the aesthetic beauty of the laptop?

The new "unibody" MacBook, if you've seen it in retailers, is enclosed in a slick, white case that simply rocks. It deserves to be seen--and protected.

I'm not worried about dropping the device, since I'm careful with computers. I'd simply like to protect the case from the occasional scratch or scuff. But I'd like to do so in a way which preserves the visibility of the case from the outside, and the Apple logo, of course.

What are the best solutions for protecting a device like this? I'm assuming that a transparent, low form factor case of some sort will do the job, but maybe a protective sheet (like those used on iPods) will work just as well.

Given that I'd like to see as much of the machine from the outside, which manufacturers and products should I be looking at?
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Nothing. You'll only damage the computer -- the aluminum is a massive heat sink and maintaining contact with open air is critical to keeping all the heat sensitive parts cool.

My unibody is almost a year old and I treat it like a tool. That is, I treat it with kindness & an occasional diluted simple green wipe-down. Get yourself a nice comfy padded sleeve for transport and you'll be a-ok.
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Mmdei, the new macbook is made of polycarbonate, not aluminum.

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One of my friends has a pink hard case like this for her mac. She likes it a lot and it is good, transparent, and durable (and comes in clear). I believe she has the InCase brand, but I would check out the reviews for both brands if I were you (or wait for more mefites to chime in with more knowledge of the choices).

You sound pretty firm on wanting something see-through, but if you're willing to consider a different option I can't recommend Gelaskins enough. They're protective, durable, pretty, and the opposite of bulky. I'm a big fan.
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Yep, I have one of those Speck cases and I love it to bits. I'm the only person I know with a red laptop. It was also excellent when I was in school; I could put it in my backpack and take it out (and put it in, and take it out...) over and over again without dealing with an extra neoprene case or similar. If I bumped it on the table or had to use some overly tight half-desk, no prob.
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I love the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD. Although, it takes some effort to put on properly.
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