Help me print my photos!
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My mom has mentioned wanting new photo portraits of me, my brother, and our dogs (her grand-dogs)--I know, kinda corny. But we thought that this would be a good idea for a Christmas present, so we went to the park over Thanksgiving and did a little photo shoot. What's the best way to get good quality prints of our digital pictures?

We're wanting to get a good quality, large print (around 16' by 20'), as well as some smaller (8' x 10', 4' x 6'). We also want a collage of several of the photos (but I don't know whether we want a "pre-printed" collage, or just a frame with several spots for different photos).

So anyway, we're trying to figure out where to get these printed. He's in West Texas, and I'm in the Bay Area. I'm thinking the easiest option would be to go through an online service (shutterfly, smugmug, etc.). Does anyone have experience with any of these services, or other similar online digital printers? Would you recommend using "brick and mortar" printers instead? And if so, do you have any recommendations in West Texas or the Bay Area?

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I recommend MPIX.COM unreservedly. Fast, a wide selection of products, and high quality. As far as I can tell, they can't be beaten.
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Though their upload process is annoying as hell, I really like the prints from Ritz Pix.
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Walgreens has a very easy to use online photo service, and you can order the prints for delivery or for store pickup. I can't speak to photo quality for large prints, however, as I've only gotten 4x6s (but they have been good quality).
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Seconding MPIX. You can select different types of paper and finishes. I have been consistently happy with the quality--moreso than with Walgreens or CVS digital printing.
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Thirding MPIX. Love them. They do some kind of color correction on prints that makes them consistently way better than others. We have also ordered large prints, and "canvas" prints for the grandparents. They are wonderful.
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when i was a portrait studio manager, most of my customers couldn't say enough good things about Costco's printing/pricing
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We use snapfish all the time for this. We like the quality of their pics, you can pick them up from Walgreens or have them mailed. They also make photo gifts, etc.
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You won't find anything better than Mpix. Really.
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Nthing Fantastic quality and super fast shipping.

My local Walgreens always always always gets the color wrong.
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MPIX it is, then! Thanks for the help!
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