All-inclusive resorts for a single guy?
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A recent vacation has reminded me of the pleasures of doing absolutely nothing on holidays. So, does anyone have experience going to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort as a single? Is it all couples and families who want to keep to themselves, or are there specific resorts aimed at this market?

To be clear, I mean 20/30-something single, not 50/60-something divorcees.
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Wouldn't this be Club Med?
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Club Med has a "family-friendly" vibe that I've seen.

I think smackfu is looking more for something like Sandals, only pitched to singles instead of couples.

I've heard of a club called "Hedonism" or something like that that may be more exclusively for singles. Club Med is I think more of a "catch-all" in which you will find singles, couples, and families all mixed together. There are probably different resorts for different markets, now that I think of it.

Issuing the disclaimer that I am not a "resort" type -- I prefer more self-directed vacations where I stay in youth hostels and make my own fun, so I haven't researched this much.
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What do you really need to get out of this? Are you planning to lie on the beach reading paperbacks and getting fat at the buffets? Because really, that would work as well for one solo person as for a couple or group. I doubt anyone would care that you were alone.

Hell, other than during checkin, I doubt anyone would even notice. Based on my (admittedly few) experiences at inclusive resorts, people don't stay stuck together as couples anyway. Mindy goes para-sailing for the day, John gets drunk in the hot tub. Both of them probably get hit on by other vacationers, too. Totally normal.

So I would say don't be shy, go for it. If you're looking for some vegetable time, the inclusive thing is nice. No thinking needed, just wander from lounger to dinner to the pool to bed with an nice empty zen brain. People bring you drinks. Relaxing.
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That's a good way to look at it, rokusan. On further reflection, I guess my main concern would be meals and whether you would need to eat alone at every one.

Wouldn't this be Club Med?

They've definitely branched out to family resorts, and it seems like their main separation now is just kids vs. no kids. But I might be wrong about that.
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In the "Dwight's Speech" episode of The Office, Kevin suggests that Jim go to Hedonism for a vacation. He describes it as "like Club Med, but everything is naked."
Seems more like a nudist party destination, than just a singles all-inclusive.
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I guess my main concern would be meals and whether you would need to eat alone at every one.

Hm. Well, at the last resort at which I partook of gluttony (I'm more of a on-the-street/off-the-map traveler usually, but I've done a couple of brain-emptying retreats too), all the restaurants save one were buffets, so people would fetch food and then sit wherever they wished, some at tables, some by the pool. Some took food back to their rooms. More than once we made a 'picnic' and took it down to the beach.

But the seating areas around meals were also the main socializing spots, so my co-vacationer and I ended up meeting many other couples and groups by sharing a table often, too. I'm sure you could attach yourself to groups by asking if there's a spare chair. People seem pretty relaxed and outgoing at these places.

A small warning: Also in my experience, a single person who asks to join a couple who are otherwise alone at a table is probably interested in something more than social dining.

People seem to lose many of their inhibitions at resorts. Maybe it's the 24-hour open bar.
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This was a generic resort, which had kids as well as adults, not a special "singles" or Hedonism joint. Me-mail me if you want me to find the contact info.
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I went to a no-kids club med (disclaimer: it was 7 years ago) and it was full of single people. I heard plenty of stories from people who went to Hedonism and it kind of creeped me out, but your creepy level may vary.
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