Excuse me, which tunnel leads to the secret UFO base?
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Bad connection might leave me stuck in DIA (DEN) for six hours. Help me find alien autopsies and other weirdness.

Unless I can change it on the spot, I probably have a bad connection that looks like it will leave me idling in Denver International Airport for six plus hours next week. I've never done anything more than run between gates there before, so I really haven't spent any quality time there.

I know it's too far from the city to be useful for such a short squat, so I'm looking for ways to kill time within the terminals or very close by.

I understand from urban legend that this particular airport is chock-full of crazy-strange alien-masonic new world order conspiracy zombie camp weirdness in its architecture and art. That sounds fun. I have cameras, a sketchbook, and no fear. Where do I begin?

Any more pedestrian attractions (like exemplary food or shops) would also be welcome. One can only take so much Pizza Uno and Hudson's News, you know?

Any tips or pointers?
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Check this out.
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Stay ever Vigilant!
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There's a surprisingly serviceable burrito place in the United terminal, called Que Bueno. Avoid the food court and look for this.
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Ride the underground train to Concourse C (if you're not already there when you land.) You get to see weird things like little propellers embedded into the walls surrounding the train, and then you arrive to see this above you.
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Denver also has free wireless. . .which not all airports have anymore.
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Nthing galaksit's Que Bueno suggestion. After having one of their burritos on a trip through Denver a while back, my brother and I embarked on an ultimately futile quest to find something comparable in our area.
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The Masonic capstone is in the main terminal ("Great Hall") on the upper level, south end. There is a time capsule embedded in the capstone.
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Maybe not for everyone, but I've found if I'm looking for some alone time [hard to get in the airports] the interfaith chapels are always totally empty and often have outlets. In Denver the chapel is on level 6, Terminal East atrium, near the south end. Note: this is not be saying "go pray" just a rarely-used option for anyone wanting to get some peace and quiet.
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The Denver Chop House has a restaurant there too, which is pretty good for killing time. They have beer. Can't help you much with the aliens.
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I like the bistro "Pour La France." No alien autopsies, but a surprising pleasant airport restaurant. I've killed an hour or two there reading and drinking coffee. Good food, too. I think it's in Terminal B.
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Man, those links make me want to make a trip to Denver just to see the craziness.
Figures that Tampa International (TIA) doesn't have any of that.
This is Florida! I thought we were supposed to be weird!
Or maybe it's crazy and not weird.

Still - great way to spend six hours.
If we never hear from you again, we'll know that you've summoned Great C'thulhu and have gone to the other side.
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There is quite a bit of big, weird public art in the lobbies of where the trains drop off passengers. That might be worth a stroll.
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