Hotels/Drinking establishments in Nashville? Texarkana?
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Where to stay in Nashville, where to drink? Also, Texarkana?

A visual artist friend of mine and I will be driving from Windsor, Ontario, Canada to Nashville, Tennessee, USA tomorrow. We haven't decided on a place to stay, but plan to be in town for ~8pm. Where should we stay? Where should we go (if possible) to find indie music or some sort of cultural amusement?

In addition to this, we'd like to know if staying in Texarkana (Texas or Arkansas, I don't think it makes much of a difference...) is a good idea, and if so, whether anything is happening there.

We're driving to Austin, and Texarkana seems to be about midway between Nashville & there, so that's how we chose it.

Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?
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Just drove through Texarkana Sunday on my way home (memphis) from Austin. While it is probably the midway point, there really doesn't seem to be much going on there. I could be wrong, though! I'm originally from Arkansas, my parents live in Texas, and in my experience there doesn't seem to be much fun between Little Rock and Dallas.

Nashville (and Memphis too, if you decide to stop by on your way through) are both pretty fun. I like cafe coco in nashville a lot. There's also a place called The Great Escape that sells records, comics, books, old playboys, and lots of other neat stuff. Funny, I visit Nashville all the time and those are the only two places I can think of. I'll report back tomorrow with more if I can think of any. If you're at all interested in stopping in Memphis let me know and I'll convince you with all of our awesome bars/museums/etc.
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Stay at some nice place in Hot Springs instead of in Texarkana. Your drive will be a bit longer, but Hot Springs is a nice place to visit. (Just don't stay at the Quality Inn)
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A trip to Nashville isn't complete without a visit to The Bluebird Cafe to hear singer/songwriters work their craft.
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I recently enjoyed fabulous Bluegrass (Nashville Bluegrass Band) at the Station Inn, in Nashville. Buy a "thing of popcorn" or a pizza and enjoy!
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Grimey's, celebrating 10 years this month! Second Station Inn and The Bluebird Cafe. Also, pick up Nashville Scene for suggestions.
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I recently stayed at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville. Nice, maybe a little pricey? Don't know your budget.
Enjoyed too many beers at Springwater. Well off the strip of touristy country music places (which I actually enjoyed too). Lots of smoking, pretty dive-y, if you're into that.
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There are something like 12 country music bars in a row downtown on Broadway in Nashville. It's touristy but Nashville is country music.
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Oh, it also might be fun to go to Gaylord Opryland resort outside of Nashville, if you are into insane Disney-style resorts.
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On Elliston Place in Nashville the Exit/In and The End have a lot of shows and are probably walkable from West End Ave. hotels. Cafe Coco is also in that area.

The Bluebird Cafe is also cool but is a little ways from Downtown / Midtown.

The honky tonks downtown are really touristy but are a lot of fun for a visitor and have constant live (mostly old timey) country music with no cover charge. Layla's and Robert's Western World are my favorites.
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Former Nashvillian here:

Nthing Bluebird Cafe, Station Inn, Robert's Western World. Springwater is my favorite dive bar (and still has great music). The Gold Rush is another old bar I liked- mentioned in Altman's Nashville, and rumored to be the longest continually operating bar in the city (at one time a whore house to boot). It's on Elliston by Exit/In. Tootsie's Orchid Lounge is another downtown touristy place, but still pretty fun.

The last time I stayed in a hotel in Nashville, we stayed at Union Station. I found a deal on the interwebs that made it about the same price as mid-range hotels, and it's right on the edge of the downtown area, adjacent to West End. It's been beautifully restored.
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I haven't been in around 6 years, but The Wooten Brothers apparently still play every Wednesday night at 3rd and Lindsley. When I lived there, they were the most solid act in town that played on a regular basis.
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I'm journeying to Nasvhille tomorrow, too, with the sole purpose of seeing Dave Rawlings Machine play at the Exit / In. Dave just put out his first album under his own name after being Gillian Welch's rock-steady other half for many years. DRM is Dave and Gil with a few members of Old Crow Medicine Show rounding out the band.

Rolling Stones Review of the new album, plus a link to listen:

Full audio of DRM set from Newport Folk Festival:

I've also heard great things about the Bluebird Cafe, but as far as I'm concerned, Dave Rawlings is the show to see tomorrow night in Nashville.
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AND, I now see that your post was from yesterday. Sorry :/ Hope you found something great to do for tonight!
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