Cleaning marker pen off LCD screen
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Has anyone had success in removing permanent marker from an LCD monitor? My 2 year old got hold of a purple Vivid marker, and drew on the computer screen. I usually wipe the screen with a dry microfiber cloth, but it's not working on the dried marker.
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Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Or rubbing alcohol. Warning that I have never tried either so try it at your own peril.
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Rubbing alcohol lightly applied to a soft, dry, lint-free cloth (like the microfiber you already have). Circular motions outward from the center, light on pressure.
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As much as it is said not to use alcohol on flat screens, I would try it for this problem.
Alcohol may be used as a solvent for many markers; not sure about permanent though.
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Missed it by "that much".
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Take the marker and draw on something similar then test the alcohol, before applying alcohol to the actual piece of expensive equipment.
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Best answer: On a dry erase board, I've heard that you can scrawl dry erase marker over it and then wipe it up.

Do you feel lucky?
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Best answer: The commercial LCD screen cleaning fluid is 70% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol). Don't use ethanol - it's the one that can crack/haze LCD screens.

If at first it doesn't get it out, see if you can lay the LCD down so it's flat, soak a soft towel with isoprop., and lay over the mark. Let sit for a few minutes and wipe off. I don't know about "Vivid" brand markers, but isoprop will eventually take out even dried-on "Jiffy" brand marker marks from several different surfaces (don't know about LCD screens, though).
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I've heard that you can scrawl dry erase marker over it and then wipe it up.

I have witnessed this and was impressed by the results.
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They make cleaning products for white boards that remove permanent markers. I don't know what that would do to an LCD, but it's probably worth a look.
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Acetone, found in nail polish remover, will remove permanent marker. I don't know if it will damage the screen, however.
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This would be something I'd pay the computer doctor to deal with.
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Do the dry erase thing. I'm so confident I just tried it with a Sharpie on my (old) LCD monitor and it worked perfectly. Sharpie on, waited for it to to dry, scribbled dry erase over it (wait for it to dry), wiped it off: nothing left.
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brake clean will remove permanent marker. what it will do to the screen I don't know. Spray some on a cloth & give it a go.
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Just FYI - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is abrasive I believe it would scratch the hell out of your screen.
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I've used hairspray to remove Sharpie from a desk before but not an LCD. Don't spray anything directly on a screen. Acetone also removes Sharpie from some surfaces. If you really wanted to be dangerous, try methyl-ethyl-ketone (MEK) but only cautiously. I'd do Ookseer's method first, because it sounds way less dangerous (and, is tested!).

Good luck!
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Sun block removes permanent marker from children pretty effectively - not sure about monitors though.
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Acetone damages many forms of plastic. I'd stay away from it.
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Response by poster: I tried the method porpoise suggested first, because I was not confident that dry erase marker was a good idea. That got most of it off, but there were a few spots that were stubborn. So I tried the dry erase marker trick, and... it worked fantastically. The marks came straight off! It did leave a residual smudge from wiping the dry erase, but that cleaned easily with the leftover isopropanol from the first step.

Thanks for the good advice!
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