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NewYorkBarFilter: A good bar in Midtown East? (The details, they are inside).

I have an arty, yet wholly unpretentious friend coming to town next monday. Unfortunately, we have a very limited time to see each other and must confine ourselves to meeting within a reasonable walking distance from her hotel (52nd and Madison Ave). My searches yield no results where I can tell if the places advertised are suitable. Other parameters besides proximity to the hotel are moderately priced drinks, decent selection of beer, no dress requirements, and a tolerance of loud cackling laughter. Comments on the music the venue plays as well are appreciated. Basically, I'm a fan of the neighborhood bar, but it's not my neighborhood.
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Well, the best place to take an out of towner is here. It's where Mr Big took Carrie one time on a date. Look past that. It's only pretentious in the later hours. From 5-9 it's a quiet bar with cool cocktails. It doesn't really match your criteria but is fun and close to her hotel, has great NY history and isn't too packed with tourists.
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Best answer: The only answer is The Subway Inn.
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To me 20 blocks is reasonable walking distance, so I suggest 36th between Madison & Fifth. You can choose between the pubby Ginger Man on the north side or the comfy-but-more-fashiony Under the Volcano, across the street.
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How about the oyster bar at Grand Central Station?
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My old favorite is P J Clarkes.
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How about the Algonquin? 44th, just west of 5th.
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Response by poster: Wow. Thanks for the suggestions, I was worried this question was too narrow. So far, dame's selection seems like the best fit with our tastes and the requirements. But I really am appreciative of all the suggestions. I'm happy to see PJ Clarkes on here as well since it is one from my own searches that I had on my "maybe" list. Thank you all.
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i'll second The Subway Inn.
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I'll second PJ Clarke's.
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Response by poster: By-the-by and for future reference, we went to the Subway Inn and it met our needs as only a dive bar can. Thanks again!
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