How to replace a broken Palm?
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My Palm TX (which I used for games and e-books) died. What should I replace it with?

I had a Palm TX that I used to play simple games (Cake Mania, word games) and to read ebooks. The touchscreen digitizer died, and from googling I gather that this is a fairly common problem with the TX, so I'm not really enthused about repairing it or buying another one.

It seems like PDAs are a dying product and being replaced by smartphones. At some point, I would like to buy an iphone, but not until it is available with T-Mobile. Unlocking the iphone is not an option I am willing to consider. I'm rather clueless about all of the options for smartphones.

Basically I want a handheld device that will keep me amused with games and ebooks, and I don't need a lot functionality other than that. I don't need a top-of-the-line device, and I'd feel bad about ditching one for the iphone if it becomes available for T-Mobile next summer. I'd like to keep the cost of the device under $300 if possible. Any suggestions?
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Buy an iPod Touch, then when you buy an iPhone, you won't lose the investment in Apps?
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An iPod Touch is the current choice for best games and eBooks without a phone. (it is an iPhone, pretty much, without the phone part.) $199 or less.

If it's 90% books and only 10% games, of course, consider a Kindle?
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AskMe: PDA replacement in 2009
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I was in that exact situation. I replaced my Palm TX with an 8G iPod touch and I'm completely satisfied with it. I could transfer all of my ebooks there using eReader and Stanza.

I might get an iPhone in a couple of months, in which case I'll just sell the iPod.
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I know it's out of your price range, but I picked up an unlocked Nokia n900 from Dell for like $450. It works on AT&T or TMobile, but I understand it only does 3g on tmobile, leaving you with edge on AT&T. But it's not for everyone; these things kinda depend on the surrounding computer environment. If you're a big apple user with itunes accounts and ratings, it might not be as good a fit as an ipod touch or iphone. Similarly, if you're an MS Exchange user, you might need a blackberry. As a previous Palm owner, the Palm Pre might appeal to you.

In any case, I wouldn't exaclty count on an iPhone magically appearing on Tmobile's door.
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iPod Touch. It syncs ebooks well with my Kindle as well for those times when I've got 5 mins and left the Kindle at home.
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any of the Android devices offered by T-mobile would fit the bill.
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If you're not looking to spend much money, get a used Axim x51v off ebay for about 30$. You can run a palm emulator on it with your palm apps you already own and it has a nice big vga screen, wifi and a good expandability thru CF and SD slots. I still use mine as a ersatz video PMP for my daughter. Loaded it with a 32gig CF and she's got games and tons of vids to watch while traveling in her car seat.
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Seconding Android. By now I think there are a couple models that aren't even phones, just mobile (wifi) internet devices -- aka MIDs.
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iPod Touch FTW.
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Thanks, everyone. I bought an iPod Touch.
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