Recommend places for intelligent, laid-back online chat.
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I'm looking for intelligent conversation. Does anyone have any recommendations for laid-back online chat? [More Inside]

I've never really chatted online before. I'm more of a forum gal, myself. But I was puttering around online the other night and thought I'd check out what sort of chat rooms were available. There are so many to choose from and the few I wandered into seemed awfully close to AOL meatmarket pits. I'm really just looking for a place to gab about nothing in particular without having to worry about being hit on or assaulted with AOLspeak. Anyone have any favorite spots (IRC or otherwise)?
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Response by poster: I should mention, since it isn't really clear from my post, that I don't have AOL. I just remember some really awful chatroom experiences back when I did have it.
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i hear there's a MeFi IRC server and channel.
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Response by poster: I can't believe I forgot about #mefi! Are the regulars there pretty open to newcomers?
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Response by poster: #mefi is a place to gab about nothing in particular , but the intelligent part isn't so easy.

Well, considering I completely forgot about the IRC channel of the very site I am on at the moment, the "intelligent" part might not be a requirement.
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I don't know about intelligent, but #plastic, available via your browser at
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Be warned LeeJay, when I was on the mefi IRC this weekend the chat consisted of posting porn links and talking about the women in them. I don't know if you'd consider that "intelligent" "laid back" chat.
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They were obviously talking about how opressed and degraded they were.
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I'm a regular at which is about a laid back and friendly community as I've seen online. It's more of a writing community than a chat group, but if you register (free) you'll get access to the Chatterbox which is where the conversation occurs. Topics range from the news of the day to neat things written for the site to links people share to just about anything else you can think of in a given day.
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If you're going to be like that...We just finished an enlightining debate about dynamical light fermions and the effects of heavy quark vacuum polarization in regards to the Monte Carlo lattice simulations.

You're welcome anytime. #mefi on
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whoa. everyone is breaking the first rule of #mefi.

leejay: we're nice, but depending on the day and time, don't expect much. #mefi doesn't take well to people who come into the channel and start telling us how to behave.

also, most people on #mefi have no problem with vulgarity, so if you do, it might not be the place for you.

otherwise, we'll see you there.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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