New York City Wedding Planner
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Can you recommend a good wedding planner for a New York City wedding?

Can anyone offer recommendations or advice about finding a good wedding planner who works in Manhattan?

I'm looking for someone
(1) to make sure the day-of goes smoothly
(2) to help separate the wheat from the chaff on vendors, locations, and service providers - but with freedom to pick our own vendors independently if we want to
(3) to allow us to plan the religious part of the ceremony completely independently
(4) to reduce our stress by making sure we don't forget anything
(5) to respect the vision that we already have for the wedding and make it happen - we need help with implementation details, not the overall design

We strongly prefer traditional/elegant to trendy. We are willing to spend money to get someone good.

Any thoughts, warnings, suggestions? General advice about picking a planner or other sites where reliable reviews of wedding planners are posted would also be helpful.
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Good luck. We are just about finished planning our NYC wedding. Because we are getting married at a place that takes care of a lot of the details or has ties to suggested vendors we ended up not getting a planner but if you want thoughts on venues and caterers mefi mail me. We saw a lot of them.
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Lindsay Landman. I went to high school with her . . . back in the day. So, I don't know her as a wedding planner. But, I've heard great things about her.
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Mrs. Digi and I used the services of The Upper Crust in the West Village. They made our day perfect! They have their own space at 91 Horatio Street for weddings/events, although we had our wedding at a different location. Check out their website:
posted by digiFramph at 7:33 AM on December 1, 2009 has a New York City local board in their Community Section- you might ask the girls there, their recommendations tend to be pretty good.
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my friend used Fete for her wedding last spring. it went off like clockwork and was beautiful.
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