Antique window needed
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Where can I find an old, 6-paned window? Online or Chicago-area

I need a on, 6-paned window frame for a project for a class. I looked on craigslist, but the search was fruitless. Does anyone know of some good spots to look for that kind of thing? Would anyone happen to be selling one? Since I am a college student, I'd rather keep this inexpensive.

Here are some reference pictures

It doesn't necessarily have to be 6 paned, but I'd like to keep it around that size.
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Is there a habitat re-store near you? It's a habitat for humanity sore they sell recycled housing materials. Might be a good place to start?
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A search for "Building Salvage Chicago" gives:

Salvage One

Architectural salvage Chicago

Urban Remains Chicago

And a bunch more. They seem have the more expensive leaded and stained windows on the websites but you should be able to find a plain mult-paned sash at the sites.
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Talk to somebody that does window replacements. Old wooden sashes routinely end up in dumpsters.
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Salvage One is fantastic, I love going there just to browse. They do specialize in higher-end items, but I'd start by calling them, if they don't have what you need they can point you in the right direction.
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Craigslist. The listing is about to expire. You can post your own ad (for the windows) under the wanted section. You'll get plenty of responses.

15 - 20 bucks is the going rate.
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Old wooden sashes routinely end up in dumpsters.

This. When I lived in Chicago, one day my artist-neighbor showed up at our building with a bunch of old windows he'd found in an alley.

Anyone looking at this for schmancy interior decorating purposes: Architectural Artifacts would probably have some great stuff, but it would likely be pricier than a college student's budget would allow.
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