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What is the perfect gift for a girlfriend receiving her PhD?

She is 33 with 3 kids. Her husband is sending me and her on a girls' trip. Her PhD will be in literature. I don't have much money to spend.
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A handle of vodka should do it.
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After I defended, I would have loved a gift certificate for a massage!
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If she's just getting her PhD, it's likely that she hasn't had any leisure time or junk reading time in a very long while.

If you know what her tastes are in lowbrow fiction---Mormon vampire romance, celebrity gossip magazines, Tom Clancy submarine novels, whatever---get her a couple. And a bottle of whisky.
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Before I clicked on the [more inside], my immediate reaction was "massage." Now I see that fullofragerie has beat me to it. Assuming I eventually make it to my dissertation defense, I plan to drive to a spa immediately afterwards to get a 2-hour-long full-body massage. I'll probably undress in the car to speed up the process.
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Oh, I would have LOVED a massage after I defended.
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PhD in literature. My best friend game me a "doctor kit" from a toy store - the kind kids have. I still have it and love it. But I agree wholeheartedly with the Massage chorus.
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If you'd like a light-hearted, grad school-specific gift, you could try something from the PhD Comics store. I swear the comics are 75% non-fiction.

When I get done, I want the 'Doctor*' mug they sell.
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one more vote for massage(s). sometimes, late at night when I'm offering advice on the internet instead of working on my methods chapter, the thought of a massage is the only thing keeping me going.
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If she has a good sense of humor, I might suggest getting something from the PhD Comics store. You could get her a t-shirt or a mug that says "doctor." I bought my friend (a physics PhD) the t-shirt and he really loved it.
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Supergrass did a single called 'Sun hits the sky' it has a chorus where there is a pause then the singer comes in with "I am a Doctor", that should fit a doctor kit type present as mentioned above.
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A job.
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Oh yeah, one more vote for massage. Maybe a pedi, too. Nothing like unwinding after a stressful defence!
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I like the massage and the pedi idea, and it's something you could do on your girls' trip. After I defended my Ph.D., all I really wanted was a vacation and a bucketload of margaritas.
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Hmmm, this is a crazy, way-out-there idea, but have you thought of ..... a massage?
Just kidding. While that's a great idea, some other avenues to pursue could be sleep-related like new pillows, sleep mask etc. (it's probably been awhile since she got enough) plus a bunch of fun things to do in bed, like magazines, games, pulpy books, etc.
You could get her something(s) related to the topic of her dissertation, and she'd probably be thrilled that you cared enough to learn about what it is that she's been immersed in for ages. She might be tired of the topic, but it's also possible that she'd love to share: it's kind of depressing to work so hard on something that only a few people ever read!
Her social life has likely been completely lame, so tickets to some extra-exciting show would be good. Likewise movie nights, dinner (out or in) with friends, etc.
Also, if she has hobbies that you can remember, it might be a while since she's been able to indulge them, so maybe art supplies, knitting gear, or whatever is relevant to her non-school interests (if she has any left!)
Congratulations to your friend, and to you for wanting to help her celebrate this major achievement!
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Great thread. My ex-gf will be graduating from her PhD programme in April 2010. I'm a massage therapist :)

However she's in a different city. Boo.

She's previously studied entomology, so I'm going to find her some bright, shiny beetle jewellery. Sparkly stuff. She likes that.
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