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I would like to make a custom boot disc that is very simple to the user. All it would do is restore an image from 6 DVDs to a hard drive. The only options I would like the user to see is: 1) format drive 2) restore drive 3) exit I would like to create this menu and all sub menus that I see fit. I have seen UBCD but it is too complicated for the people I know. I would like to use Driveimage XML and have it read the discs one at a time to restore the drive. Any suggestions?
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Old versions of Ghost could do this. Newer versions may still have the functionality. If not, find a circa 2002 copy of Ghost.
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I don't think driveimage has that functionality.

Ghost (the old kind) did. When you create the image, it gave you the option of feeding it a DOS disk to use as a boot image, and that DOS disk could have whatever you wanted on it.
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Use Acronis instead.
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Response by poster: How about something that's FREE!
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Free is BartPE. Bonus: all of Runtime's software has PE-compatible modules on their website.

You'll need a windows disc (not a system restore disc if you have a manufactured computer) to create the software. You should also be able to make scripts to run the three tasks you specify.
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Oh, One more thing about DriveImageXML: it only works if there is only one partition on the drive. If you have a Dell with a service partition that is booted and then that boots the Windows partition, your restore will not provide a bootable drive.

In these cases Acronis TrueImage really is necessary (and there are BartPE modules for it as well)
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