Help my find Jack Donaghy's Bar
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Where can I find a bar like Jacks?

In Jack Donaghy's office on 30 Rock stands this bar. I like it. I want something similar, but smaller. I feel like Pottery Barn used to sell a little round version. But wherever it is, I want one. Where can I get it?
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Best answer: The secret word is "trolley." Googling either "bar trolley" or "tea trolley" gets you plenty of options (though nothing identical in my few-pages worth of browsing).
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I see bar carts / bar trolleys like that in vintage stores all the time. Not sure where you would find one new, though.
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Restoration Hardware has the Duncan Bar Cart, which is similar, but not identical, to what you are looking for.
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google "art deco bar cart" or "cocktail cabinet". You can totally buy vintage ones online.
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