Help me find the duffel bag of my dreams
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I'm looking for a small Eastpak duffel bag made of a specific fabric.

Last week, I sat across from a young lady on the train who had a small duffel bag that I would really like to find.

The brand was definitely Eastpak. It was small enough to fit in her lap comfortably. Based on the size, handles, and shape (it had sort of a half-circle profile, not a barrel shape), it may have been a Compact Small Duffel.

The straps were nylon but the bag was a different fabric; something with a softer touch, like cotton or flannel. It was plaid; the main color was light gray, and some of the lines were pale pink. There may have also been white or ivory lines.

The bag was in great condition, so I thought it might be new; but I haven't found any plaid or non-nylon Eastpak bags in any style, so maybe it was old. Also, in case it matters, I live in the Netherlands, so chances are she bought it here.

Of course, I could get the same bag in a different fabric/color, but I'm more interested in the fabric than in the specific style of bag. I've checked Eastpak's web site, Google, eBay, and, with no hint of gray plaid.
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Best answer: Was it like this bag? Same fabric in a messenger bag format. it seems that color is "JFK grey". It seems like it might be hard to find in stock, but maybe some more Googling will help.
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Response by poster: Yes, thank you! That is the fabric. Hopefully Googling "JFK Grey" will work better than Googling "Eastpak plaid".
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