Southern California Rehearsal Dinner Recommendations
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Help me find a great Long Beach or North Orange County restaurant for my rehearsal dinner.

The dinner is on the 7th of January, a Thursday, and somewhere between 20 and 30 people will be attending. I of course want the food to be good, but really, I care more about the overall experience. The place doesn't need to be fancy, but it can't be too casual. Bonus points for fancy Mexican food or seafood, a spot on the water or a private/semi-private room. Long Beach, CA is the preferred location but Northern Orange County or Southern LA could work as well. Thanks in advance.
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I was only their once 3 years ago, but it seems like I remember liking Tantalum.
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Khoury's at the Long Beach Marina is nice for seafood, as is McKenna's on The Bay.

Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen is a nice, upscale Mexican restaurant in Old Town Orange.

Possibly a bit far for you, and it's Italian, but Angelo's and Vinci's would be fun for a rehersal dinner. Their Lasagna Pizza is outstanding.

Good luck!
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We had our rehearsal dinner at Belmont Brewing Company. The private parties are held out on the patio on the beach. They have heaters and lap blankets so it shouldn't be too cold. The food is really good, nice service, and not too expensive.
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Cafe Piccolo
The Original Fish Company (Los Alamitos)
Kelly's in Naples
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