Can I hire someone to create a Paper Source-like image?
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I want to copy the Paper Source feel for my wedding font and motif. How can I do that?

A few related questions here. #1. I like the font the Paper Source uses in their own ads and informational materials. Can anyone suggest where I could download a similar font? (Bonus points for free.) I've been searching but don't even really know what category of fonts that would fall under. #2. I want to pay an artist to make me a custom motif that has the feel of the paper source dragonfly (but ours would be a totally different image) in the sense that it looks sort of rough and imperfect like a stamp or maybe a woodcutting. I want to be able to use that little custom motif on my invitations, program, website, welcome packet, etc. So (a) where should I advertise for that project and (b) how much should I pay and (c) how should I describe it? I already hired one graphic artist but he has been creating pretty/cutesy obviously computer-generated motifs that remind me of clipart and it's really not the look I'm after.
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Do you mean the font in the "Free Shipping on Orders over $100" here? I don't know much about fonts, but I tried and it looked a bit like a Baskerville.
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Try Dominican Small Caps as a similar typeface to the one in the Paper Source logo.

As for how much you should expect to pay- I would expect to pay a full-time, full-service graphic designer somewhere between $80 - $160/hr to get the good, clean kind of work you want.
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The typeface is Mrs Eaves.
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Dover has some great vintage woodcut clipart - here's a few dragonflies
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It looks like they've custom-distressed a non-distressed font. Compare for example, the two E's in their logo. The top edge has a notch missing in one of them but not the other.

This can be accomplished fairly simply in Photoshop or Illustrator, but would require some expertise to make it look good.
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Dominican Small Caps - that's very similar to the one I'm talking about. I guess I should have specified that it's a font the Paper Source uses on their logo (and hard copy printed materials in the store) rather than on their website. Thanks!

I don't actually want dragonflies. I want to hire someone to create a custom motif for us that has the distressed feel of the Paper Source dragonfly motif. (I want ours to involve boats and candles, for example.)
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Are you near one of their stores? I've found that the folks who work there are a great source for local graphic design talent - they either know several someones who could help you, or they could help you themselves. There must be a sort of greymarket in "yes, our letterpress is wicked-expensive, but I know a guy/girl..." I did all my own wedding paper using their supplies, and the folks who work in the Georgetown store were invaluable. Oh, and their insect-logo is actually a paper wasp.
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Oh! And MeFi's Own woodblock100 might be able to help?
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Actually, I'm pretty sure that the font is a customized version of Palatino. I doubt you'll be able to find the distressed version as a font, since I imagine it was created specifically for that logo.
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2nding a roughed-up Palatino. But OMG, woodblock100 is a real find.
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Looks like Palladio, based on whatthefont.
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(Late to the party, sorry ...) This one is a bit out of my line actually, but I am a member of a woodblock group that does have plenty of members who do exactly this - woodcut illustration work. semacd, if you send me a MeMail with some contact info, I can post your request to that group; you should be able to get at least a few replies from people capable of doing what you want.
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