Tell me about towels.
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I'm looking for towels. Big, fluffy, soft towels that are suitable for the occasional trip to Magrathea or just a long bath.

Years ago, I got one of these (sheet or towel, not sure the size).
However, I only got one, and it's lonely for friends.
Unfortunately, the only Restoration Hardware is a few hours away and, quite frankly, $75-$100 for a set is a bit much.

So, I'm looking for the secret source for towels.
Is there a secret Internet site where towel aficionados swap bargains? How about the "Hong Kong tailor" equivalent where towels are half the price as the U.S.?

Clearly, I'm looking for a bargain, but I will say that my current towel has held up remarkably well and I'm not adverse to paying if something is truly worth it.

I have most of the usual U.S. chain stores available as well as (obviously) online ordering capacity.
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About a year ago I ordered a set of these bamboo bath towels from Amazon, and they've been really wonderful. I think I got the "bath sheet" size, which are currently $30-40, and they're a good size - big enough to wrap up in but not too huge. The main feature of these towels is that they are insanely soft. Maybe it's the bamboo fibers? These would definitely not be for someone who likes their towels a little rough, but I was seeking some soft towels, and these are it. I have never felt towels this soft, and they don't even require fabric softener (which you shouldn't use on towels anyway). I was worried about how absorbent they would be, but I think they are at least as absorbent as any other towel I've tried. They are a little heavy, but I think that adds to the luxurious feel of them.

Some of the reviews complain about having to wash them in cold water, but I apparently missed that instruction and have been washing them in hot water with a hot dryer without adverse effect. No warping, pilling, fraying, etc. They have held up well so far!
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I've got some fantastic huge towels on The user reviews are very helpful as well. The stock changes, so if they don't have what you want now, look again in a week or two. It's also where I buy the majority of my sheets.
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I've written about these towels before. They're fantastic, and available basically anywhere.

Three years on, they're still holding up very nicely.
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Oh, damnit. Well, they're worth it. :-p
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I can vouch for bamboo towels as well.

We bought ours from Eco Meme, although we were able to buy just the bath sheets from their brick-and-mortar store.
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I'm constantly looking at the Macy's site, as well as Overstock, for these towels to go on sale. Luxurious, delicious.
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I bought towels from the Four Seasons in Chicago after staying there. I don't remember how much they were, but they were very reasonable. I love the size, the material, everything about them. They hold up great. If you call there, they are always eager to help!
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I am looking for the perfect towels as well. My main criteria is that they be thick. Are the Restoration Hardware towels substantially thick or just very soft and thin?
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This will sound strange, but: Go visit your local T.J. Maxx and check out their "Hotel" brand. Not necessarily eco friendly ( I guess ) , but very inexpensive and a match for what you might expect from a larger more luxurious retailer.
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Bamboo and bamboo-cotton blends are both nice, and really soft. Bianca Concept are nice.

I am a freak about towels. Occasionally I can find good ones at TJ Maxx, but department stores will always have them. The Company Store has good towels too.

I have gotten towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I really don't like them that much.
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Someone gave us these Nautica towels as a wedding gift, and they are the softest, fluffiest towels ever, even 2 years later.
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The best towels I've ever used (and I'm a bit of a towel and linen snob) are the Thomas O'Brien towels from Target. Super fluffy and very hard wearing. They always have them for sale individually in the store, in a bunch of different colors. I've had my current batch a couple of years and they look like new. I've also seen comparison-type reviews in a couple of magazines that agreed with me!
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Response by poster: futz -
The Restoration Hardware towels are pretty hefty, which is part of the appeal.

frolic, Fleebnork -
Bamboo sounds interesting, are your towels substantial?

HannoverFist -
We have a T.J. Maxx, I think, I'll have to take a look.
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For linens, you can always try

A tip about towels: don't use fabric softener on them. (neither the liquid you put in the washing machine, nor the dryer sheets) It makes them sort of water-proof and then they will be fluffy but not absorbent. I have a relative whose fancy towels are all effectively koosh balls because she uses fabric softener on them.
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I bought the Restoration Hardware towels based on a previous Mefi question on towels. They rule. My brother came for a visit and used said towel and said "Dude, your towels are awesome".
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Kohl's has a line of cotton-bamboo towels that are reasonably priced and always on sale. Very soft.
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