Jesus wants you to have good sex.
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I'm looking for some Christ-centered sex-positive how-to books. For a friend. No, really.

I have a very Christian friend who will be getting married soon. I'd like to give her some sex-positive material for her wedding shower, but I'd also like to be respectful of her beliefs.

Are there any good Christian sex-positive books out there? The Guide to Getting It On is definitely on my shopping list, but I'm a little worried it'll be too much of a muchness for her and just get chucked in the back of the closet. Any recommendations?

I'm in Seattle and can make a trip out to Babeland before the shower. We also have a variety of large independent and not-so-independent bookstores out here. U-District, Cap. Hill, or downtown are all accessible, but I probably don't have time to order online.
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Best answer: How about 52 Ways to have Fun Fantastic Sex.

The same site also has some other books listed such as A Celebration of Sex: A Guide to Enjoying God's Gift of Sexual Intimacy so you may find a number of things suitable at that site.
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Best answer: The classic in this genre is Intended for Pleasure: Sex Technique and Sexual Fulfillment in Christian Marriage. It's biggest competitor (which may have overtaken it in popularity now) is Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage. Sheet Music is probably the racier and more creative of the two--closer to what you want, I think.
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The Act of Marriage (by Tim LaHaye, really!) is an oldie but goodie. I've not read some of the other books listed here but I can highly recommend this one. (Assuming it's still in print, of course....)
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(Check out the Christian bookstores. They WILL have a booksection for this stuff.)
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Consider "Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections between Sexuality and Spirituality" by Rob Bell.
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This website, posted on the blue last year, is something you also might want to point your friend towards and you ought to look through it for book recommendations.
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Could you be a little bit more specific about your friend's denomination? These suggestions are all good ones if your friend is of the evangelical (and possibly mainline) ilk, but I think a lot of Catholics might benefit better from a copy of JPII's Theology of the Body, for example.

St Alia is right that your Christian bookstores will have a section which you can look around in. I wouldn't expect the specifics in them to be more detailed than your average Cosmo, though.
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Agree with the above suggestion of going to a Christian bookstore. I heard from a friend (no, really) that at the large (and conservative!) one here all the salesladies have good advice and are really happy to help (the key words to good service being 'I have a friend who is getting married').
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far. My friend is not a Catholic - she goes to Mars Hill Church, which is some kind of evangelical church (I confess insufficient familiarity with evangelicals to pin down exactly what).

Relatedly, does anyone have suggestions for a Christian bookstore in Seattle that I could visit? I'm kind of out of my depth here....
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We were given "The Act of Marriage" as a wedding gift. We read some passages, laughed and laughed, and then used it to prop up our window air conditioner. That said, we're not particularly religious. Your friend's taste may vary, depending on how she feels about ideas like "oral sex will warp your mind and ruin your marriage," etc.
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Response by poster: Oh dear. No, I don't know how *she* feels about oral sex (that is not a conversation I think she's capable of having) but *I* am definitely pro, so books that are also pro are vital.
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Not sure if it quite fits in with the 'how-to' aspect, but McMinn's Sexuality and Holy Longing is an excellent pro-sex book on holistic sexuality from an Evangelical perspective.
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I can't link to it, because I'm at work and it's blocked -- but there's a web site called "Christian Nymphos" which has exact tone you're looking for (definitively Christian, but very sex-positive as well). I think they have a section on reference books they recommend; and if they recommend it, it's probably of a similar tone.
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Best answer: Sheet Music is definitely pro-oral. There's a chapter devoted to just that topic.

I don't know anything about Seattle, but I see online that they have a Lifeway Christian Store. Chances are it'll carry several of the ones mentioned here.

If she's at Mars Hill, chances are most of the books mentioned here would be okay with her, except for the Catholic one. Mars Hill folks aren't going to be very appreciative of the Catholic tradition, as a general rule.
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Lou Paget's books are NOT specifically from a specifically Christian point-of-view and may be a little more explicit than you had in mind, but are "classy" in writing style even when very straightforward about technique, and regard good sex as bonding intimacy for a couple. Flip through and see how you feel about the tone.
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Relatedly, does anyone have suggestions for a Christian bookstore in Seattle that I could visit?

I think the only one left in the city limits is the Harvest Logos store in Greenwood, but their website isn't functioning and I haven't driven by there in a few months. If there's one Christian bookstore in this town where they really could help you, it'd be there.

Last time I was in a Lifeway I was less than impressed. No one would help me, 60% of the store was Jesus junk, and the books that were there were mostly about promoting the new Southern Baptist translation of the Bible. I guess it might work in a pinch, but their selection really is poor.

Intended For Pleasure is what all the women read when I was in college. Dunno what's replaced it, but that's probably a good place to start. My other suggestion would be Sex for Christians: The Limits and Liberties of Sexual Living, but I think it may be too liberal for the Mars Hill crowd.
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Turns out I may be misremembering The Act of Marriage- my husband says he doesn't think it was so anti-oral. I still think I'm remembering right, and that wasn't the only thing in the book I disagreed with. However, it is a very popular book, so you may want to flip through it if you come across it in a bookstore. I wouldn't want you to dismiss it outright based on my possibly faulty memory.
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"oral sex will warp your mind and ruin your marriage," etc.

I certainly don't remember that from the Act of Marriage. Believe me, I'd have noticed!
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IF that's the Mars Hill church that I think it need to google Mark Driscoll. He has quite the reputation for teaching on the topic of sex. Your friend might not need any books!
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Response by poster: Update: We (some friends and I went in on this together) wound up getting her Sheet Music, A Celebration of Sex, The Guide to Getting it On, and Porn for Women. Celebration and Sheet Music were *very* well received, and the older church ladies there basically burst out with "THAT'S A REALLY GOOD BOOK." Apparently they're both on the Mars Hill recommended reading list. (The Guide, not surprisingly, is not - but we told her to think of it as a reference book.)

Oh, and Porn for Women got passed around to universal giggles. So that went well.

Thanks to everyone for your help!
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