Professional Troll shirt?
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This evening, I saw a man with a slate blue t-shirt on that said "Professional Troll" on the back. There was a pandalike creature on the sleeve. What was on the front?
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As such, only in guys' and blue?
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you for satisfying my burning curiosity!
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While we're at it, can someone explain the joke?
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It's game critic Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's general way of referring to himself, as seen in his profile on The Escapist.
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A troll is someone who makes types of comments on articles/whathaveyou specifically to piss people off, pretty much what Yahtzee does for a living. He makes hilarious short videos "reviewing" games, typically tearing them to bits in a hilarious fashion.
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Best answer: Further explanation - the graphics on the shirt are typical of the cartoons Yahtzee uses in his Zero Punctuation game reviews. The little demon guy is a representative of a recurring cast of more or less identical characters that are used in the cartoons to represent all manner of video game enemies. The troll-bridge connection is of course a Three Billy Goats Gruff reference. I take it the human has met a troll on a bridge (in suit and tie) and is reading his business card.
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