Ad in RSS feeds?
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Are ads in RSS feeds possible/good/bad or just ugly? [MI]

I run a blog-style website focused solely on a class of popular shiny plastic gadgets and I'm thinking about adding some sort of text ad to my RSS and Atom feeds. I use Google Adsense on the site itself, but AFAIK they don't allow Adsense in newsfeeds.

Blogads and Pheedo seem to offer just this sort of service. Anyone have experience with either of these? Or newsfeed ads in general?
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They're bad.

A popular site that I used to read started putting ads in their feed. I immediately unsubscribed.
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I'm with bshort on this one. I really, really hate ads in feeds. If you must have the adviews or clicks, start making your feed summaries only. That way people will click through to read the content and see the ads on your site, where they belong.
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Some sites are starting the ads in the RSS feed thing. I understand their reasons, but frankly I think it's gauche.
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Response by poster: Ah, good idea. I didn't think about using summaries instead of the full text, like I do now. That would probably be a good first step.
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Unless the content was in some way completely unavailable someplace else, I'd unsubscribe from a feed that had ads. I don't feel the same way about reading sites with ads. Totally agree with the summaries/ads on site approach, though I read fewer and fewer feeds that are just summaries lately as well.
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I'd deal with an ad or two, but only if they came along with a story.
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I will deal with small text ads on the periphery of an RSS article. That is probably inevitable. I don't like feeds that don't include the full article, though, and will probably not subscribe to them.
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Part of the appeal of RSS feeds to me is not having to download ads with my content. Putting ads in the feed negates that benefit so I'd unsubscribe.

Are the click throughs worth enough to lose a percentage of your readers?
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If I started finding ads in the RSS feeds I read, I'd not only unsubscribe from the feed, I'd stop reading the site it came from, and try to get other people to do the same thing. I'm just of the mind that we have to resist the creeping ubiquity of advertisements however we can.
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Most of the Gawker Media sites run shout-outs to their sponsors on a weekly basis, and these posts appear in their RSS feeds. I find this sort of thing ok (better to see a text post about sponsors than look at all the ads on Gawker realted sites), but much more than that and it gets irritating.
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I think it really depends on how it's handled. If it's disguised as a regular link, I think that's a no-no...
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Feedburner has started to allow feeds to include ads. They're included as images, so if you're using a web-based aggregator, it's easy to train your browser to block images from the feedburner site. You might have to block them at the proxy if you're using a desktop aggregator that doesn't have the 'block images from xyz.tld' feaure.
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Perhaps against the stream, I'd rather have the occaisional ad in an RSS feed and continue to have the entire article syndicated. I often unsubscribe from feeds because I get annoyed with reading the first paragraph--or less--before being drug to the site.

Bonus points if the ads are clearly marked yet clever enough to make me read them.
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It strikes me that if you had asked "Are ads on my blog possible/good/bad or just ugly?" you might get a very similar response, so (from my perspective) I'd take it with a grain of salt. People love ad free content, of course, but I'd suspect this is coming along and may become as acceptable as putting ads on your blog at all.
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They are neither inherently bad nor good.

If a single ad per feed makes you unsubscribe, then the person providing the feed is better off without you as a reader, since you're not interested in helping him/her defray their cost.

Alternately, if the feed is of such marginal value to you that the presence of a single ad makes you unsub, then you're better off not reading it.

Personally, I'd rather have overt ads than shill-content.
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