How to get Word links to work like on Wikipedia?
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How could one change the colors of links in a Microsoft Word document?

I'm using Office 2007, if it makes a difference. As it is, any link I insert is blue and when it's been clicked on it turns purple. Can I edit these colors like I could with CSS on an HTML document?

Secondly, is it possible for links pointing to files that don't exist to have a special color like red, like Wikipedia does when there's a link but no matching entry yet? All these files would be Word documents.

Thanks in advance!
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Try highlighting the link text, then choosing the color you want from the text color palette, like you would with any other text.
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Wow, that was way too easy... thanks.
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If you want to do all the hyperlinks, select the hyperlink text, then:
change the format & colour to what you want it to be
open the style palette
select the "hyperlink" style
right click the style and select "Update Hyperlink to match selection"

et voila

To change the colour of the clicked hyperlinks, you need to change the "followedHyperlink" style. If this doesn't show up in the style palette, then you can click the "Manage Styles" button on the bottom right of the palette, find the style and then click "modify"
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This will replicate some of the css functionality of keeping presentation and content separate as you can then update the styles as needed.

As to your second questions, there is a way, but it involves writing a macro to check for file existence and changing link text to a custom style when they don't exist.
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