Where can we go before we go to Birmingham?
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VacationFilter. I have a conference in late March in Birmingham, UK. My travel is covered and it is the day after my spring break from university ends. So I figure why not leave a week earlier and have a vacation? But where to go?

Issue 1: We (will) have a 16-month-old baby. Issue 2: We want to be somewhere warmish, especially so we don't have to bring a bunch of winter gear. Issue 3: I need to keep it pretty cheap. Issue 4: We've done Paris, Brussels, Rome and Majorca lately and I recently lived in London, so those are all out.

We like: culture and beaches and stuff that baby likes. Greece, Italy and Spain seem attractive.

Any suggestions for a place in Europe that we can fly to (cheaply) from LAX, stay for a week, and then hop into Birmingham (or Manchester?) cheaply?
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Ryanair, Flybe and bmibaby all use BHX as a hub. I'd start with their websites - see where they go and what's on sale.
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skyscanner.net was traditionally king for searching budget airlines, as they provide far more flexibility than other search engines, like searching by country, not just city, and using their map to gauge what airports are actually near your destination. Fyi, these budget airlines are very good a lying to search engines about prices, so check each airline that looks interesting yourself.

Paris is accessible by trains if you prefer those. Croatia is a nice destination if your trying to save money. Don't forget Portugal either. Liverpool airport is often far far cheaper than Manchester.
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not Europe, but accessible, marrakesh? one hour flight, relatively cheap and interesting with sun.
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