what where the odd poles with green circles on top we saw in Oahu?
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While on vacation at the north shore of Oahu we kept seeing these poles that had a number of green circle things on top, sometimes four of them but up to seven. The pole also had an antenna and a solar panel attached to it. What are these for?
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Best answer: Tsunami sirens?
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Response by poster: It didn't really look like a siren but it is possible, we did see other poles with sirens on them though. It also doesn't explain why they had varying numbers of these circles/discs on top.
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Response by poster: GIS for tsunami siren reveals that you got it :) Now I can go read up on why they look so odd. Thanks.
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my vote is for tsunami sirens. they've been replacing the old ones with solar powered sirens. I don't think I've seen any of the new sirens, so I'm not sure if they're circular and green, but that's my guess.
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Response by poster: For anyone that's interested... this is the kind of siren we saw
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Yep. Each one of those circle things contains loudspeakers (aka "drivers") and the reason they're shaped that way is that the drivers reflect off of the housing above and below to radiate the sound in an omnidirectional pattern.
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