Help me find a (good) CBT psychiatrist/psychiatrist around 14th Street in Manhattan.
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Help me find a (good) CBT psychiatrist/psychiatrist around 14th Street in Manhattan who takes Aetna student.

Here's the symptoms I'd like to treat: I've been feeling kind of sad, a little lost and unmotivated. Probably some sort of depression, although it might just be situational. I've been feeling very compulsively sexual and have had been sexually abuse in my early years, leading to dysfunction in my relationships, so someone good with couples therapy/sexual issues would be great.

I don't have a Primary Care Physician (although I made an appointment for one based off of a metafilter found recommendation but it's not until February, and I'd rather not wait that long)

Insurance, etc: I have Aetnea student. I have access to DocFind but it's just a list of names, you know?

Why CBT: I had a talk therapist for years (along with medication) and I found it was easy to just vent, leave feeling relieved but not make any major changes in my life. I'm hoping CBT will be more focused and lead to more success and less wheel-spinning. That being said, if you have a great NON-CBT recommendation, I'm all ears, er, eyes.

Thanks in advance, since I probably won't be able to respond except through mods.
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A few recommendations, none at 14th St., but all in Manhattan:

The White Institute: 212.873.0725

The Albert Ellis Institute: 212.535.0822

Payne Whitney (Cornell Weill/NY Presbyterian Hospital) has a dialectical behavioral therapy program. They did have a CBT clinic in Manhattan, but I can't find any info on it now. You can get more info from them at 212.821.0775. They have a bunch of great services.

Sorry they're all uptown, but at least one of them (Ellis, I think) hooks you up with a psychologist in private practice, so you may be able to find someone right in your neighborhood.
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NPAP is on 13th street and inexpensive, and though not CBT, will find you someone who is more active and won't just let you vent.
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(PS. All of the above have sliding scales; I'm not sure what insurances they accept, but even if they don't accept your insurance they can almost certainly tell you which CBT docs do accept it.)
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