Recommend some douchebag documentaries
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Please recommend some documentaries about douchebags.

We're on a bit of a "Douchebag Documentary Series" kick. It can be fascinating to watch the different ways douchebag can exhibit itself and the fates (both positive and negative) that can befall the douche. Movies that we've already watched and that fit the bill include:

-Overnight (possibly the highest achievement in this field)
-Project Grizzly
-King of Kong

More recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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I think you'd like a lot of the documentaries mentioned in this previous question--especially since the OP mentions two of your docs in the initial post!
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I immediately thought of DiG! and Grizzly Man.
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My Kid Could Paint That
In particular the 'kid's' father.

Possibly Capturing The Friendmans
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Are you sure you are not confusing Project Grizzly with Grizzly Man? My recollection -- and I admit I haven't seen Project Grizzly since it came out in 1997 -- is that Troy Hurtubise was not so much a douche as a starry-eyed idealist who was trying a really offbeat, ambitious project on a shoestring. Naive and a bit loopy, but not a douche. Grizzly Man walked a very fine line between depicting Timothy Treadwell as a valiant eco-warrior who tried and failed at a noble cause and depicting him as an absolute nutbar who managed to get himself and someone else killed through his naivete and ignorance. I felt the audience had to make up its own mind, but I know that some people who have seen the movie came away thinking of him as a childlike prick.

Anyway, if you think Project Grizzly falls into the douchebag camp, American Movie might be the kind of thing you are looking for.
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Nick Broomfield has done a lot of documentaries about notable douchebags, including Courtney Love. What makes Broomfield especially suitable for this AskMe is that he comes across as a bit of a douchebag himself.
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I don't think Timothy Treadwell was a douche. Crazy and naive but he lived out there for 14 years. That's straight up crazy. Not douchy.

I kind of think Mick Jagger is an incredibly talented douche. So I would say that Gimme Shelter might fit your criteria. And in addition, it's maybe the greatest movie ever.
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The Thin Blue Line
Dr. Death

Fredrick Wiseman, director
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Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies
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Dig! The Anton Newcombe parts mostly.
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Oh, someone already posted Dig, sorry!
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F for Fake might also fit the bill. It's scope is a bit larger than the douchebags it profiles (Elmyr de Hory and Clifford Irving), but it gives them and their clever ignominies a good bit of screen time.
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The Fog of War

(but really, this question is incredibly poorly framed. Offensive, even)
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Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?
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I'm gonna get hated on for this, but since Mick Jagger was already mentioned (I think he's more of a bastard than a douche, per se) Don't Look back, the Bob Dylan doc will probably qualify.
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2nding Capturing the Friedmans, but including it is kind of a spoiler.

Slasher, about a used-car salesman extraordinaire.

And how about The Smartest Guys in the Room, about a company filled with douchebags?

The Staircase, the documentary not the fictionalized movie version.
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Oops, posting again, just thought of Word Wars, a movie on Scrabble. Some of them are douches, some are just weird nerds. Some are weird nerdy douches.

Hopefully someone can remember the name, but there was this TV show on Comedy Central, maybe in the late '90s or early 2000s where they told this douchebag guy that the was getting his own movie made, but really they were just following him around with a camera crew watching him be a douchebag

And I think this question is great and not "offensive" at all.
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Jesus Camp, while not about a douchebag or douchebags per se, is nonetheless full of them.
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Well, apparently Fred Phelps "wrote" a "documentary" about himself...
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Unless I missed it, I'm surprised no one has posted this one on George W.. Of course, maybe this isn't in line with the others...
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Pizza! The Movie
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Seconding the Born Rich which was mentioned in the last thread. Some of the kids in that come out level-headed and honestly trying to come to grips with their family backgrounds, but there are a couple that just absolutely douchetastic.
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Frat House by Todd Phillips
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A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures is autodouchey.
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Weren't there douchebag pushy parents in Spellbound? Or am I just remembering the (fictional) dad in Akeelah and the Bee?
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The Jackass movies. They intentionally have no point other than filming people stating the stupid thing they're gonna do and then doing it.
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The Fog of War

Damn, I was hoping to submit that one, but beaten to it.
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Pumping Iron. Watch Arnold win it.
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I Like Killing Flies (though I actually think Shopsin is super loveable)
Dig! (Brian Jonestown Massacre / Dandy Warhols)
Realms of the Unreal (Henry Darger)
Devil Vs. Daniel Johnson
Daughter from Danang (oh man, are the parents -- all of them -- douchebags)
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While I find "douchebag" to be a juvenile and unilluminating word choice (Do you want documentaries about frat boys? Jerks? Egomaniacs? Losers? People who insist on using the term "douchebag" in polite conversation?) I'm going to point you to My Best Fiend, a Werner Herzog documentary about Klaus Kinski. Two egomaniacs for the price of one.

Also, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, pretty self explanatory.

Also, The Kid Stays in the Picture, which is about movie producer Bob Evans.

I would also second the already mentioned Errol Morris documentaries Dr. Death and The Fog of War.
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Try In A Dream.
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I would also second the already mentioned Errol Morris documentaries Dr. Death and The Fog of War.

Are you referring to Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred Leuchter? If so, yes, there is some extraordinary douchebagginess going on in that movie.
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Damn! Beaten to My Best Fiend! I hate to refer to either Herzog or Kinski as douchebags because they're both all-time geniuses, but it fits the bill.
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Daughter from Danang
The girl's a douchebag too. Go and live with some people and cry like a bitch when they ask you for money? "When in Rome" lady. That's the way things are in that family, you're in the family then you contribute money and labor. Besides, she's overweight, over there that's like flaunting wealth. Don't like it? Go home.

Others (alpha):
Blood in the Face
Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back (That's right, Dylan's a douchebag.)
Devil's Playground (So are the Amish.)
Hands on a Hardbody
Hell House
An Inconvenient Truth (So is he.)
Koyaanisqatsi (We're all douchebags!)
Pumping Iron (Chock full!)
Sound and Fury (Oh my god... They've got a culture.)
Triumph of the Will (Really, any movie with Nazis qualifies.)
Waco: The Rules of Engagement
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The Five Obstructions (many people consider Lars von Trier to be the douchiest filmmaker working today...)
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Realms of the Unreal (Henry Darger)

Darger wasn't a "douchebag" (and nthing the unfortunate framing of this question). Treadwell, maybe, since he came across as arrogant as well as crazy. Darger was just a sad, broken man with a really creepy inner life. A really creepy inner life.
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Crazy Love.
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Also, I'm not sure if it's available on DVD, but the Maysles Brothers short Meet Marlon Brando shows him at his peak of fame and douchiness.
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Overnight, about the douchebag who pretty much self-destructed making Boondock Saints.
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Any True Life: Jersey Shore show on MTV.
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Plane Crazy documents Robert Cringely's (yes, that Robert Cringley) attempt to build a small airplane in thirty days. In short, it's really possible, and he comes a bit unhinged at times as a result.
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great happiness space.
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Not necessarily douchey, but amusing in the 'wow these people are crazy' sense:

Monster Camp
We are Wizards
The Hole Story
American Movie (already mentioned upthread)
I Am A Sex Addict
Man On Wire

Totally seconding/thirding/etc Grizzly Man, and The Smartest Guys in the Room. A couple of the best douchebag documentaries ever to be sure.

I don't think they really do it in a mean way, but a couple of episodes of the 'This American Life' tv show feature these sort of people too.
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I asked this before, you'll find a pretty big list over here.
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Metallica: Some Kind of Monster. The amount of hubris and self-involvement they display is every bit as epic as the awfulness of the music that they ultimately create.
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Starbucking is certainly about a twit (that guy whose major life project is to visit every Starbucks in the world), but it's also not even a very good documentary.

Hell House, on the other hand, is a great documentary and I heartily enjoyed it despite hating almost everyone in it.
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