Random slideshow?
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Is there a way to randomize the order in which slides appear in a (very large) iPhoto slideshow?

Help is failing me. I'd like a bunch of photos (about 500) that are currently in an order I don't like to run in random order as a party backdrop. Thank you, brilliant and computer-savvy Mefites!
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I made a "smart" album using iphoto '09 and one of the options in the slideshow seems to be under settings "shuffle slide order" Are you using '09 or another version?
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Response by poster: Hey jessamyn--I think it's '09 but I made a smart album and can't find a shuffle setting. Hmmm.....
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Okay let me be a bit more specific. I made a smart album. Then I went to the slideshow button on the bottom of the page. Then the slideshow seems to start [totally annoying, btw since you're not done yet] and when it shows you the first slide it also shows you a settings panel. One of the options on this panel [furthest to the right] is called "settings" and under there, there is a checkbox to shuffle the images. I tried it and it does work.

If you want to know what version of iphoto you have, you can select "about iphoto" from under the leftmost menu [titled iphoto] and it will tell you what version you have. Hope this works for you!
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Response by poster: No shuffle button--probably since I've got '08. Thanks anyway! I feel better knowing I'm not just hopelessly computer impaired.
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Here is another discussion of random slide order, dating to pre-'08 versions. It might be the difference between shuffling an album's images vs. making a "slideshow"?
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