Need help with Laser Printer recommendation AND forums where I can get good Laser Printer recommendations...
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Need help with Laser Printer recommendation AND forums where I can get good Laser Printer recommendations...

I have a two part question:

1. I am in need of some recommendations on options (brands/models) for a new laser printer. What forums/message boards exist where I can post a message similar to my question below in hopes of getting more recommendations?

2. Here is what I am looking for in a new printer -- can you make any suggestions or recommendations? 1) Must work in a Windows environment - Could either be a stand-alone network printer (must work with Win XP, Vista and v7) or I could share it off of a computer (Vista). We don't have any Macs. 2) Must do both color and monochrome (black and white). 3) Needs to be able to duplex (print on both sides of paper -- usually by a mechanism that turns the paper over). 4) Looking for lowest cost of printing for black -- wouldn't need to print in color that often. 5) Probably will NOT print photos or other special media (like slides, etc). Will only be printing from Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and Web Browsers. 6) Would like a printer that prints at least 8-10 pages per minute in both color and monochrome. 7) Would like for it to have a manual feed capability so I can print envelopes. 8) Finally, it does NOT need to be multi-function. I have a great stand-alone sheet feed scanner and don't need to send or receive faxes on it. 9) Won't consider a Brother brand product - but will consider any other.

Thanks in advance for your help in either recommending a "laser printer" forum/message board or an actual printer model.
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Try ZDNet's reviews of laser printers here. You can apply a number of filters to help narrow your choices. My husband relies on PC Magazine's reviews.
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On the pointers.... I have a preference for the green ones. More expensive, but less "harsh" visually. Much easier to look at, for my eyes anyway.

Benefit/drawback: You may be able to see the laser line from the tip of the pointer to the target.
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Why no love for your Brother? Ms scruss has one of their wireless duplex lasers, and while it feels a little plasticky, it bangs out pages quickly, cheaply and reliably from all the various computers in the house.
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At my company we have a great experience with Kyocera Mita Printers. They are built in such a way that they only need toner. The drum and other stuff lasts "forever" (for quite large values of forever.) With any printer that you'll buy a bigger initial investment will give you a vastly better build quality and lower toner cost most of the time.
From personal experience I can recommend the 4000 series from Kyocera. It seems to be already superseded by the 5000 series.
Unless you only print very few pages, do not be tempted to buy a cheap laser printer. There will only be grief along the way since they are not very sound mechanically. Cheap Samsung laser printers are horrible if they are not on a completely plane surface. The Samsung CLP-610 on the other hand is quite good. (Even on a completely plane surface the horrible mechanics of the cheap Samsung printers often led to pseudo paper jams where simply shaking the printer frees up the mechanics. Carzy and quite hard to do with a whole printer. A good workout :-) )
HP used to be nice of course, but I only like their really expensive stuff now and do not have much experience with it.
I was not able to find good printer discussion sites so far, so I would be glad for a recommendation, too. The sites I've found were only good for comparing printers used in the same "test run". Most of the time the methodology changed too much between tests.
For my own printers I would always go with Kyocera, because I see no problems buying third party toner cartridges. There is not much to screw up since it's only a plastic box with some powder in it and not a strange mechanism with a light sensitive rare earth metals drum and some powder.
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