No chowda please.
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Please recommend romantic restaurants/cafes in Boston/Cambridge. I'd like to hear about anything you feel is exceptional and possibly off the beaten path.
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Ten Tables in Cambridge and Jamaica Plain is both romantic and exceptional. Not sure if it's off the beaten path.
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gargoyles in davis square.
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Mistral is romantic, but not off the beaten path.
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Baraka Cafe in Cambridge is tiny and romantic. The cuisine is Algerian-Tunisian, so make sure your date is open minded towards unfamiliar food.
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I really like Evoo at the Cambridge/Somerville line.
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I always liked Sandrine's, though its hardly off the beaten path.
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Chez Henri, Cambridge
Burdick's Cafe, Cambridge
Cuchi Cuchi, Cambridge

I find Chinatown very romantic.
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TW Food in North Cambridge is extremely intimate and waaaay off the beaten path. Also mostly locally-sourced and organic food.
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Seconding Baraka, but be forewarned that there is no alcohol (though the rose lemonade makes up for it).

Also, Dali is amaaaazing.
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dali is amazing, as is cuchi cuchi over in central square. however, both are often sufficiently crowded and loud as to make it pretty unromantic. great food, tho.

i'm not sure about dali, but if you go somewhat early to cuchi cuchi, and on a weeknight, it is quite pleasant and you finish up around the time it gets utterly swamped.
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Seconding Mistral for a romantic dinner. Their food and service were quite good. On weekend nights, it can get a little louder. Our last time, we reserved a corner table for a bit more intimacy. We ordered a number of the seasonal items (duck confit squash soup, sirloin carpaccio, pumpkin-seasoned swordfish, and rack of lamb). We shared (all of them were delicious) and were quite pleased with the experience.
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These are all great suggestions. If you were interested in doing the North End thing, we had a delicious and romantic dinner at Assaggio. It's on Prince which is one of the side streets, so it's not as hectic as Hanover Street, but still in the heart of the North End.
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Maybe Oleana in Cambridge? I haven't eaten there in years, but it was quite good.
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I always liked Daedalus
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I can vouch for Ten Tables and Gargoyles. I dislike Chez Henri immensely.

Blue Ginger in Wellesley is great and off the beaten path in terms of location.
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Add more votes for Oleana, TW Food, and Ten Tables. Also Lumiere in Newton and Il Casale in Belmont.
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Helmand in Cambridge is Afghani, rumored to be owned by Hamid Karzai's brother, and very, very delicious and romantic. I love Green Street in central square and the Highland Kitchen in Somerville, and though both are upscale-but-casual, I'm not sure how romantic they are. The best/most-romantic experience in the North End Italian eateries I've had was at Pomodoro. Definitely not cheesy and overpriced like some of the other restaurants in the area.
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