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I'd like to download a particular "Adobe Presenter" (Flash) document to show it to a group of students without having access to the Internet. How do I download these Flash files to replay them on my computer?

I have tried a couple of Flash downloaders but I don't arrive at downloading "Adobe Presenter" Flash documents. I have the authorization to get the presentation offline but I don't have access to the "mother-file".

Here is an example of the type of presentation I'm looking at. (same link as in the title).

(Preferably macish, but both Windows and Mac solutions are appreciated)
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Just to get started: I tried it over the terminal, DeepVacuum, that is essentially tweaking terminal inputs and SiteSucker all to no avail.

There is the added issue of the file in question sitting behind a Shibboleth university wall of authentication which probably makes getting the file no less complicated. Mhm.
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Just to be clear, you want Getting Started with Adobe Presenter, or that is an example and you do not want that specific Flash file?
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Good point, I'm looking to download another file, that is on my university portal. The "Getting Started with Adobe Presenter" looks similar/exhibits similar problems (from the perspective of somebody looking to download the file).

I figured I'd first try to download the "Getting Started" file and then go towards the second possible problem, that is:

The file I'm looking at sits behind a Shibboleth authentication system which might, or might not pose additional problems. I assumed that once my computer was authorized access to the location it wouldn't matter if activity switched to a different program.
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I've been able to successfully download Presenter files from an Adobe Connect system on Windows XP using IE 7, by saving the webpage as a web archive (.mht) file. We could only do it once logged into Connect and while viewing the presentation, but it did work.
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