How to make periodic reminders from RSS/evernote?
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How can I make periodic, spaced reminders of items from an rss feed (or even straight from evernote) so that I know I will not forget them?

I got an evernote account recently, and I'm loving how easy it is to add notes from anywhere (including my G1 =D). That said, what it seems to lack is the feature of reminding you of notes every so often (a feature which reQall does very nicely).

So what I'm looking for is some way of automatically reminding myself of my evernotes, perhaps from the rss feed which it lets me create. Something which would, for example, email me (or better yet feed me) a note reminder every, say, 4,16,64,etc days after note creation would be fantastic. Of course, something which would be able to import my evernotes straight into SuperMemo or some other spaced repetition software would be even better, though that may be a bit ambitious. Any suggestions whatsoever would be very useful though, since I'm at a complete loss.

While I'm here, do any of you guys have other systems for taking and remembering notes? It's just beginning to hit me that how quickly I forget all the little facts that I learn throughout the day, and so I'm trying to build an easy way of being able to say "Right, this little fact is important. Make sure I don't forget it until I tell you otherwise."

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You could script your way out of this problem.
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