Can't watch a specific channel on my computer!
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Why can't my USB TV tuner find channel 11?

I have a Hauppauge USB TV tuber (950Q, I think), and I can't get WPIX in New York. I have no idea if it's ever worked, as I've never tried it before. I've scanned repeatedly, but still nothing. This is using EyeTV, on the Mac, and I'm in Brooklyn. All other over-the-air networks work perfectly.

A couple of notes:

It's not an antenna issue; the same antenna finds 11 just fine when connected to the cheap DTV converter I have.

I tried adding it manually with the frequencies I found online, and nothing.

I've tried using a file I downloaded from TitanTV with the frequency, and nothing.

My brother just called me, and he's using Windows (Vista or 7, I'm not sure) with Media Center, and an ATI USB TV Wonder, and he's having the same problem. Neither of us ever noticed this before, because the Giants weren't on WPIX before.

Any suggestions? Again, this issue does not appear to be the antenna, and it's appearing with two different brands of USB tuners, on two different operating systems.
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This thread might help if you know what frequency it is supposed to be. See "BatBoy's" solution.
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Maybe the signal is slightly degraded- the DTV box could tune it because it might have a newer tuner chip in it, the TV wonders might not? Or there is something wonky with their PSIP information.
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I don't have a solution for you, but for what it's worth, I can never get good reception for that channel, even when all the others are working fine. It was the same case at my brother's house.
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Thanks; further research says that it's a degraded signal. Manually adding the frequency, even through plist editing, didn't help.
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