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Just downloaded Play65 but it isn't in English! Help!

I want to play backgammon online for money. I just downloaded some online backgammon software called 'Play65'. When I open it on my computer it is written in a language I don't recognize, possibly Hebrew? How do I make it into English?
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I haven't ever used this software, FWIW.

It appears you may have chosen to download the "main" one, quite likely written in whatever language is native to its programmers.

Play 65's website lists English under its 'International' section, so you may need to download this version instead.

If that doesn't get you an English-localized client, perhaps there's an option somewhere within the installer or game itself to choose a localization, but I wouldn't know it myself.
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Step 4 of their instructions (which are in English) says:

4. Choose the language, in which you wish to install the Play65™ backgammon software.

I suggest reinstalling, and making sure that the screens you see matches the steps on that page (the guidance video on that page also shows how to select the language).
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