Ugly dirt marring expensive glasses
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How do I keep the bottom edge of my half-frame glasses clean?

This is my second set of half-frame glasses. The lenses are held in by means of a length of monofilament attached to each end of the frame and running along a groove in the bottom edge of the lens.

In my last pair, this groove and line collected dirt and became a visible dark line. I got a new pair on Monday and today noticed that there is already a spot of dirt trapped in the groove under the monofilament.

This must be a common problem? Do any of you have half-frame glasses and a successful method for keeping them clean?
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I've had a pair of half-frame glasses for about six months. Till now, I hadn't even considered that dirt might collect under the filament. I checked 'em - mine are clean. All I do is wipe the lenses clean with a cloth. I'm careful about where I put them when I take them off - if I leave them sitting on a desk, a cat might chew the earpieces (my last pair of glasses died that way).
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I guess maybe I should have asked about a successful method for cleaning this area, not for keeping it clean.
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I'm curious as to how yours get dirty so easily. I've had the same type of glasses as you for years and they never get dirty in the way that you describe. Dust does not adhere unless there is grease. Are the bottom of the lenses touching your face? That might be the problem -- in which case you need them adjusted.
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I am guessing it gets there from my hands as I put them on, take them off or adjust them.
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Great news, guys: The dunk method worked like a charm for this. I am going to try it now on my old ones and see how it works on them.
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I usually use a sonicator to clean my glasses. Hand soap + water works nicely for the solution.
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Yeah, wow. Worked like a charm. Years of dirt gone in under a minute. Can't believe it never occurred to me! I guess I'll be doing this a lot, going forward.
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