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My hands sweat. A lot. They sweat when I am hot. They sweat when I am nervous. They sweat when I am holding a object in my hand. They sometimes even sweat when I look at them. What are my options?

The only good(?) thing about sweaty hands is that they are very very soft - the first thing people say after they've felt how soft my hands are is usually "you must not do any chores at all you lucky/lazy guy!"

Needless to say this has caused much inconvenience in my life so far. Every time I take a test I need to prepare one to two handkerchiefs or a box of Kleenex, and even that is not a guarantee I won't be ruining my test with excessive sweating. I dread shaking hands with people for this same reason, same thing goes with holding hands with girls (a far less common situation). I need to clean my keyboard every two or three days otherwise it will look like someone just dug it out of a Pharaoh's tomb.

I have heard that there are procedures that use laser to severe/burn the nerve so my hands will never sweat again, but at the cost of the sweating migrating to other body parts. Does anyone have any experience with that? If you or someone you know has a similar problem, please kindly share either how they cope with the situation or what they did to get rid of the excessive hand-sweating.

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Causes and Treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis

IANAD. That's just the first link I found. See your dermatologist.
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There is a newish(?) treatment for excessive sweating that uses botox. I've only heard of it being used on faces, scalps, and underarms but it might work on hands. But yes, see a dermatologist.
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Botox injections will give you relief, but they are a temporary measure and you will need them regularly to curb the sweating.
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Previously. Drysol works well.
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I am not sure of what procedure that my friend got to stop the excessive palm sweating, but he got his insurance to pay for it because he said that it made him a dangerous driver because the steering wheel would get too wet to hold.
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Talk to your doc. Mine was able to get me Hypercare (basically same thing as Drysol). It's a liquid you dab on your hands at night before bed. It really helps!
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I have a good friend whose hands are the same way and it's so bad for her that the normal prescription (drysol) doesn't work for her. She has some sort of fancy contraption that involves sand and electrocuting her hands or something silly like that. Just go to a doc ... it's pretty obvious you'll get a diagnosis for hyperhydrosis and they'll be able to tailor a treatment plan to you based on the severity of the issue.
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