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Out of toner and out of cash. What's the cheapest way to get my laser printer (Lexmark E232) printing again? This is in Toronto.

I'm hoping to avoid the financial hit of a new cartridge. Ideally, I would just take the empty cartridge into some joint on College St. and they'd slap some new toner in it, but does anybody do that? Google is only turning up references to do-it-yourself ink refill kits, and online stores where you can buy new ones (which are cheaper than Staples, but still not ideal). Thanks!
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Did you already take the cartridge out and shake it?
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Best answer: I was going to also recommend shaking the thing.

This company is highly recommended in a few forum.

But you mentioned you'd prefer not to use a refill kit, so you could contact these guys. They're in Toronto and you could probably take your cartridge there to refill; you could give them a call, their number is on their website.

In any case they have your cartridge at almost half of what other places charge.

Good luck!
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If shaking doesn't help, maybe one of these stores will.
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You can usually refill a toner cartridge a few times before it wears out. Especially if it is (as I think it is with that model) the kind where the drum is a separate piece.

If you buy refilled ones, make sure you can exchange them if they don't work. I don't buy them for myself, too much hassle.
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