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Where can I find a nodding dog with brake light eyes?

My dad is ridiculously hard to buy for, but has always (oddly) wanted one of those nodding dogs with brake light eyes for his car. I'd like to get him one for Christmas if possible; does anyone know where I can get one? Anywhere that will ship to Australia?
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(I know exactly what you are taking about! I am picturing seeing it in a movie, where a street tough of some kind drives up in a car and the camera focuses in on the nodding dog, mounted on the rear deck of the back seat. Argh! Those are cool, in a weird way.)

Since there are no responses and presuming you have already googled for it, I can only suggest that you might have to make one. It wouldn't be too hard (on paper) to find a dog bobblehead and solder in some lights for its eyes. Or find a dog statue or stuffed animal and make it into a bobblehead + said eyes.

Can't make any Aus specific recommendations, but in the US, I'd look for a hobby store like Michaels or maybe even a pet store to find the dog, and then head to Radio Shack for some suitable lights. I can picture their drawer of lights, and can picture some lights that would be perfect. A couple of resistors if necessary, a couple of scotch locks on the brake-light wires and Bob's your uncle.

Good luck!
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Would a lighted dog shifter knob work?
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Here's a guy who will make a custom bobble-head, but I didn't see any with eyes that light up:

Here's one that lights up, but it's more like a nightlight than a car accessory:
Josef Original's Porcelain Dog Night Light
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Um .......I thought they were either bobble heads ( nodding) OR lighted eyes, one or the other. Not sure if I've seen them do both. I know they ( the bobble head type) used to come in all different breeds of dogs. You might want to check some automotive accessory places or similar stores. I haven't seen either of those in years though. But you might find one if you look hard enough. Maybe an old collectible place.
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Hey - here is a light kit that is supposed to be worked into motorcycle brake lights - maybe you can use something like this to rig up a regular bobblehead.

Couldn't find a direct link; do a find on 'brake' on that page
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