What are some good resources about digital publishing?
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What are some good places to get information about digital publishing?

I'm looking for some good places to find out information about digital publishing, especially in regards to developments in tertiary academic publications.

What are some good websites or podcasts etc to keep me informed?

I'll be reporting to my entire department about my research, and I have very little idea where to begin.

I read Smashing Magazine, which has some good information about designing iPhone applications, and stumble across other articles occasionally, but I'd like to be kept more informed on a regular basis.

Please hope me!
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Here are a few weblogs that I find helpful to learning about what's happening in digital humanities and publishing: booktwo, Dan Cohen, if:book, and The Book Oven. Here are a couple of people who do relevant work: Matthew G. Kirschenbaum and Howard Rheingold. The blog Snarkmarket provides a few points of view on digital publishing (among other kinds of posts, so you might have to wade around a little).

I think this kind of thing is fascinating, and I picked up some level of understanding by reading a lot about it — but I'm no expert, so I don't know what the best starting points would be. A few articles that may be helpful if you haven't read them yet: Digital humanities on Wikipedia, "Why Academics Should Blog" by Hugh McGuire, and CommentPress: New (Social) Structures for New (Networked) Texts by Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Good luck!
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I see you're in Australia. Look up Sherman Young in the Media Studies department at Macquarie. He should be able to give you the rundown on academic publishing in an Australian context.
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Thanks heaps! that's really helpful.
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