Need a nice backpack for a heavy commuter!
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I need to find a laptop backpack styled similarly to this messenger/briefcase bag: good hope bag

My boyfriend can't carry messenger style laptop bags anymore (shoulder/back problems), but he luurrrrves his laptop bag. His birthday is coming up and I want to replace his bag with something as similar to this as possible.

I found the official backpack version of this bag from the same brand/maker - but it's too round on top and not as well styled (imho).

This bag is beautiful, but out of my price range (I want to spend ~$150). Something along these lines would be perfect!
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That is a beautiful bag. When I was looking for a backpack for work I googled 'professional backpack' and found a lot of options, most useless for my purpose. But there were a few very nice looking leather packs. You'll have to look through tons of pix though. I realize you may have already done this. I hope that's helpful.
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What do you like about it? The vertical style, the leather, all of it? I ask because that style works as a messenger, but translated to a backpack with flimsy leather straps won't be as comfortable.
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I have a few ideas for rugged backpacks if you're willing to forgo the leather -- are you?
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- solo leather backpack
- mobile edge
- clava turn lock
- filson
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- Tumi - this is not leather. But its style and sensibility seems very close to the aesthetic of the original. It just doesn't look as cheesy as some of the leather backpacks out there! AND it'll be comfortable.
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Does this need to hold a laptop? Or do you just mean it can't be a messenger style, but doesn't necessarily have to hold a laptop. This Tumi leather backpack is gorgeous too, but expensive.
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This is sort of similar, but camera centric and not leather

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Bum Back Packs. They make classy, well designed hybrid messenger bags/back packs for those with bad (bum) backs. Very nice products but, again, you unfortunately have to forego the leather. Well within your price range.
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Thanks for all the replies! I'm checking them out now (had a ton of guests over for the holiday and am just now able to spend some puter time).
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I was this close to buying the clava turn lock bag that barnone posted. But then I did an extended search on Piel bags (the ones barnone posted were nice, but not quite right) and found this. It's got lots of good reviews and it's 20% off!

I'll update here again after I get & give the bag. Thanks everyone!
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Bag received and given. Huge success--he adores it!

Also - it's incredibly nice and the leather is of superior quality. It looks like a bag that cost way more than it did (around $150 after shipping and everything from ebags).

Thanks again!
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