Do I need to go to the store again?
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If I make Fiery Sweet Potatoes with green curry paste instead of red, will it taste okay?
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Yes, they're very similar in ingredients.
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Best answer: My only issue is that the pastes usually vary in sweetness and spiciness*, so you might want to add the paste to the coconut milk in stages, mix it into a "test" amount of the sweet potatoes, taste, and add more paste as needed, so the final levels are what you want. Or make some extra potatoes to add in if the end result is too fiery for what you want.

*Green is usually sweeter and hotter, if I remember correctly, and there is a lot of variation between brands)
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Seconding GP.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Marking GenjiandProust as the best answer because obviously making a "test" amount is the way to go and I can get that done before the stores close tonight.
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Red might make for a more pleasing color. But green sounds fine too.
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I think green was not listed as an option partly because the color combination (green + orange) yields a drab final product. I bet it'll taste lovely, but it won't be quite so visually arresting.
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it's really good I've done it. *how'd it turn out for you?
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Agreed it should taste fine. Also agreeing that red would be more aesthetically pleasing color-wise.
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Response by poster: gypseefire, it was really good and they were eaten so fast that the color didn't matter.
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