Free and easy text-to-mp3 or mp3-to-text on Windows
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Is there an easy and free way to do text-to-mp3 conversion on a Windows system? How about the other way 'round?

I don't need a full blown software package that can read from inside open documents. What I really need is a command line tool I can just run on a set of text files to get a corresponding set of mp3 files. I'm less hopeful on the free voice-to-text options.
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Festival claims it compiles under Cygwin or VC++. I played with it many years ago on Unix, and it worked reasonably. Hopefully somebody else has a suggestion that requires less geek cred to get it working
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I use TextAloud. It's not free, but it does the job pretty well. It's a little icky (IMO), but it's very functional. Buying additional voices was a great investment from my perspective. (I'd feel dirty linking to them. I use the product under self-loathing duress.)
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