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I am looking for (recent) experiences with Android options for VoIP over WiFi to deal with places where I have a WiFi signal, but no 3G/voice signal. I'm looking for solutions for two situations: (1) In one of my labs at work, there is plentiful WiFi coverage, but no cell/data signal. I'd like to be able to make outgoing calls, and I'd also prefer if I could receive incoming calls. (2) For international travel, it would be nice to have a way of making calls at least where WiFi is available.

The phone in question in a Motorola Droid (on Verizon), and I have Google Voice (and an account), though I haven't yet used it for much. I've seen SIPDroid, though I'm confused at the relationship between SIPDroid, PBXes, and the SIP provider. This confusion is compounded by the recent acquisition of Gizmo5 by Google.

As I mentioned above, I would like a solution for my lab where I can send/receive calls in my lab and also a solution (I'd imagine likely the same solution) that will allow me to place calls when traveling internationally. I realize this will only be an option where WiFi is available, but that's certainly better than nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Firsthand experiences are especially preferred; the info I've found via google all seems slightly vague. If you have a good solution, specific directions would be especially appreciated. Although I prefer free solutions, low cost solutions are also perfectly acceptable, especially for the international travel portion of things.

Many thanks in advance!
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Sipdroid is a client that can communicate with standard SIP/VoiP services such as Gizmo. Gizmo does not have a client for Android, but Sipdroid can use your Gizmo account with only a slightly geeky initial setup.

Here's a page describing the process.

This worked for me as of September of this year.
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To go a bit further, you can configure Google Voice to ring both your regular Android phone number and your Gizmo phone number simultaneously, which would cause your Sipdroid client to ring. You can then choose which one to pick up.
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Response by poster: One of my challenges is that gizmo5 isn't accepting new sign-ups since being purchased by google, so I was hoping someone might suggest another SIP provider.
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I've been using for over a year for SIP and international VOIP termination. Good rates and it's easy to use with just a SIP client. No strings attached, you just pay a flat rate per minute. Seriously. It's been great.
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Response by poster: autojack- That sounds great, except apparently does not work with SIPDroid because they use different codecs. Is it my imagination, or is VoIP overly complicated?
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I've always found really handy for voip information - That's a link to their residental VoIP providers page - lots of different plans for different budgets.
It's also a good site for questions and help - They've got a whole page on using VoIP on Android....
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Best answer: Fring. Available from Android Market. Works through Google Talk, AIM, others
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Response by poster: VoIP-INFO's android page is quite outdated, apparently. You'd think Android would be too new for that. Fring looks like it will be promising (perhaps with a skype account or, but apparently, Skypeout and SIP don't yet work on the Motorola Droid. I guess I can just wait for a better solution (perhaps Fring).

I'll hold off on marking best answers a bit since none seem like they work just yet. I do very much appreciate the directions to look, though.
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Response by poster: OK, my apologies to rtraviscrocker: Fring released a new version on Thursday that DOES support SIP/SkypeOut on the Droid. Now all I need to do is choose a SIP provider that will allow me to do what I want (I think). The outgoing calls seem easy; anyone know if this will work for incoming?
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Response by poster: I seem to be unable to make fring make a SIP call using Anyone had any firsthand experience with fring on Android? (esp. Moto Droid)?
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Response by poster: Dunno why, but fring is now playing nicely with I think I'm satisfied. Thanks for the helpful answers.
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