"Shallots are for babies; Onions are for men; garlic is for heroes."
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I just ate a pasta dish that was saturated with garlic. Help me get rid of the taste!

I typically avoid garlic-y things because they keep me (more) awake at night for some reason. Anyway, I ate this stuff and now I'm completely distracted by the garlic-y taste in my mouth and am foreseeing a sleepless night. How can I get rid of the taste?
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I use lemon juice and salt to get it off a wooden cutting board. Maybe a quick rinse?
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google is your friend: yahoo says lemonade.
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Brush, floss, and mouthwash will help greatly with the "oral bacteria going nuts for garlic" part. But the rest is in your blood and eventually your pores. As far as I know you just have to wait for the stuff to metabolize / be excreted before the taste is completely gone.
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Milk, ice cream, and other things that coat your mouth can help. I haven't tried lemonade.
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Try chewing fresh parsley. Or see if you can find some Breath Assure capsules (which contain parsley oil)... this always seems to help me when I've overindulged in garlic or onions.
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Blueberries! Parsley may work, too.
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Washing with stainless steel will take away garlic odor. It may help get the taste out of your mouth.
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Eat fresh parsley if you have it to hand.
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Best answer: Serene Empress Dork got it right, you need parsley. If you don't have any, try celery (one of parsley's relatives).
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I find that pickled ginger really helps too.
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Response by poster: Hmmm. Celery leaves worked surprisingly well!
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Milk doesn't really work, it just hides it for a bit. Parsley sort of works. A few bites of a lemon (tequila-style) works. Fennel works, including those little candy-coated fennel seeds you eat after Indian food.
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