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Where can I find old bleachers in Los Angeles?

Not to buy (unless their really cheap). I just want to take some photos of old, heavily used bleachers. Anyone? This is the weirdest thing I ever asked you for, I think...
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I think that any old high school worth their... age will have the worn-out bleachers you're looking for. (I'm distinctly thinking of the one I went to, in an heavily-Chinese suburb of L.A., but any ol' LAUSD school would do!)
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Yeah, I was just thinking of the Eagle Rock High School bleachers, but I don't know if you'd have to jump over fences to get to them (here's an old photo from when I was there).
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Ask the film board, they know all kinds of locations and the people to contact to get permission to shoot them. I have always found them helpful even when I didn't need to pay for permits and all that other stuff they do. I assume that in LA of all places they are probably well organized and can point you in the right direction.
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The Stoner Recreation Area (lol) in West L.A. has some really crummy old bleachers, and it's a public park, so no fence-hopping. Other public parks with baseball fields might fit the bill too, although some have newer metal bleachers.
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