Help solve the mystery of the missing extension.
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After reformatting my old reliable xp machine I lost a very useful firefox extension. How can I track it down again?

I've been unable to find the extension on either Google or Firefox's website, mostly because I can't remember what it was called.

Basically, all the extension did was let you draw a rectangle on a page and then every link within that rectangle would open in a new tab.

Firefox normally lets you highlight things and open them in new tabs but this extension was better because it let you draw a rectangle instead of highlighting.

Any ideas what this extension was called?
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My first guess was to google for "firefox load multiple links" and the first few hits are all about the same extension:
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Best answer: Snaplinks
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See also Multilinks
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But apparently, you're supposed to download it from mozdev these days (see the comments on the previous page):
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Response by poster: It was totally Snaplinks. Thanks for the assist guys.
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