Where to go for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in NYC this Thursday?
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Where to go for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in NYC this Thursday?

A couple of friends and I live and work in NYC and decided against going back to our various respective families for Thanksgiving. We'd still like to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday, but alas, none of us has anything close to the requisite cooking skills - so we are wondering how feasible it is to find a restaurant in Manhattan that does a good Thanksgiving dinner.

I have looked through various guides online, and it does look like there are many restaurants that do in fact offer this. However, the reviews are fairly sparse, and I'd love to get some first-hand recommendations from those who have done something like this in the past - or even anecdotal, second-hand suggestions. Any input would be much appreciated!
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There are various lists of places serving Thanksgiving. Here's a good one from Wined & Dines and another one from Serious Eats. I go out in NYC on Thanksgiving but we go the veg route, so I don't have any personal recommendations.
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If it's really your skills and not your desire you're worried about... Thanksgiving dinner is, honestly, one of the easiest cooking jobs ever. Cooking a turkey is unbelievably simple -- even though it takes a long time. Add some mashed potatoes (skills involved: boiling water & smashing things), stuffing (stovetop is delicious), and canned cranberry sauce and voila, thanksgiving dinner!
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Whole Foods does takeout complete prepared Thanksgiving dinners. Someone ordered one for me once. They're actually not bad. Check local listings here (select your location in the "place holidays orders here" area in the upper right).
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