Shooting Range near NYC
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I'm looking for a gun range near New York City.

I'm looking for a gun range within about an hour of New York City and accessible by public transportation (train, bus, subway).

I need to rent a gun, buy bullets and handle any paperwork in one visit or over the phone prior to arrival. I have fired a rifle before, my companion has not. We are in no way licensed to handle firearms.

Westside Pistol & Rifle Range is the most obvious choice, but we don't mind traveling to find something better.
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There is a rod and gun club in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn: Metropolitan Rod and Gun Club. If they can't provide what you need, they should be able to recommend a place upstate.
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Bay Ridge Rod & Gun Club Inc
6718 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY 11219-5846
(718) 745-1067
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The Firing Line, 100 North Middletown Road, Pearl River, NY.

It's across the Hudson from Manhattan and up the Pallisades Parkway - probably about 25 minutes or so by car once you've crossed the GW Bridge. You don't need to have your own gun - they'll rent you one. For your first visit, though, you'll have to become a member of the club, which, when I did it about 3 years ago was $50. I don't think the prices have gone up. Prices for renting the gun are reasonable, they will sell you ammunition and targets, for a reasonable price (though ammo is always a decent markup at shooting ranges IMHO), and will issue you eye and ear protection for free.

I *Think* that you need a permit if you are using the Weststide place at Chelsea Piers, but I could be wrong. At The Firing Line, I walked in, asked to see about what I might do about someday maybe in the future firing a pistol there, and I was up and running in 30 minutes. YMMV - I've been trained in firearms in a different country, so knew what I was doing, but they made sure of that before letting me have a pistol. My wife acem with me a year or so later, and they were very nice, and gave her a good introduction before we went onto the range.

I keep a Glock 19 there, and who knows, they may let you use that (haven't been there in a while) MeFi Mail me if you'd like more info.
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*acem* = *came* as *teh* = *the*
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And... on reviewing the question, you can get there by train, but by NJ transit, so might be more difficult from Manhattan.
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