Printer for fashion company
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Need help figuring out best option for a printer for a fashion company.

We currently use the basic Epson Large Format printers that cost between $300 - $500. However we keep having to replace them every year or so. I guess they have sponges that fill up and then you need get them professionally replaced.

I know at past companies we had one with replaceable sponges. However those seem to cost a lot more. How long are those meant to last. Does anyone have good suggestions for ones to use.

I'd say on average we print 30 pages a day, but during busy times it could be more than 100.

I don't know if laser, inkjet or dye printer is best.
We mostly printer on Matte Photo paper, plain copy paper and occasionally card stock. We rarely if ever print on Glossy photo paper.

Important factors for us:
-Longevity. It needs to last long a long time. It's a long and frustrating process when we have to buy new printers because we have to rematch all our color standards which takes a long time.
-Wide range of color. It's important that we can get a pretty wide range of color to match our fabric color standards.
-Color consistency is very important for the same reasons
-Cost - in the past we spent $400 on printers - so I have to show that a more expensive printer will be cost efficient.
-Switching paper - ease. We are constantly switching the size and type of paper we use. So that has to be fairly easy.

Any pointers, suggestions are greatly appreciated. I really don't know what our best option would be!
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