The fish part, I'm sure of.
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Argh! Please help me figure out this song fragment stuck in my head based on a clue or two.

I heard it on the radio during a commercial. The song had an upbeat indie-pop sound. Male singer. I'm unsure of the lyrics I heard, but they involved blind/deaf/other disability blowfish (or other kind of fish.) I think the next part was "just doing their own thing" or "doing" something. I've tried googling a combination of the above lyrics, but clearly no dice.

I'm hoping that indie songs involving disabled fish are rare enough that the above will ring a bell.
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what was the commercial for?
posted by TheBones at 9:53 AM on November 24, 2009

Oh yes - it was an ad for a kid's event in the area, so it might be a children's song. I didn't hear enough to get an impression. But it didn't have anything to do with the content otherwise, so I don't think it was written for the ad.
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Only song I can think of is the Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance.
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Little Blind Fish -- CPR

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No - neither is it, though thanks! Maybe it's just an unknown artist and I'll have to keep an ear out for the ad again.
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Total longshot here, but could it be Badfish by Sublime?
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Mystery solved! It makes sense there were not many ideas, it's a local band. Also I was... off... with the lyrics. I heard the commercial again and did some internet detective work.

Band: This is My Suitcase
Song: Fish and Dishes
Lyric: Just a couple kissy faced, colorblind fish/Getting their kicks
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