How to programmatically record user sessions?
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I'm looking for a non-interactive screencasting tool for use in my application. I'm doing some usability testing where I cannot be physically present on-site, and I want to record the sessions while my program is in use. Any ideas?

My application is in Python and GTK targeting the Windows platform.
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ouch. camtasia can do it, but its not free.
can you make them install vnc and then record their sessions either remotely or locally with vnc2swf? (remotely i suppose since there might be no windows versions of vnc2swf)
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CamStudio works great for me and my students in a Windows XP lab. Creates either an avi or an swf. Free, open-source.
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Oh, wait. You want to programmatically start the screencasting software? I don't know if CamStudio can do that, sorry. We only start it up manually.
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This page lists a number of resources.
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